Russian Language Conference

February 2013, Spokane, Washington

Problems of preservation of Russian Language, Slavic culture and maintaining lives of our children without drugs and dependence were discussed at the conference in Spokane. The conference brought together representatives of several states – Washington, Oregon, Montana, teachers from different schools, operating withing complete patronage of their churches. Conference was hosted by one of the great churches in Spokane. Professional, friendly atmosphere, very responsive and interested participants – everything promoted constructive conversation. There were many discussions, questions by many speakers, who expressed opinions about how to keep our younger children involved in Slavic culture and how to preserve Russian Language in school. The conference unanimously adopted a resolution that if there is even a slight possibility to teach Russian Language at schools, it should be done. The conference decided to revisit this agenda again and designated times for later dialogues. The principals of Russian Language schools were able to make submissions to textbooks. We thank organizers and hosts for excellent organization and reception of all participants. We thank the cooks, the attendants and the assistants for filling Spokane stay with special care and attention. We found some good, true friends in Spokane. Thank you all!

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